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Controlling dissolved Oâ‚‚ and COâ‚‚ levels is critical in areas such as Ion Exchange and Boiler Feed water. Capable of both adding and removing gases from liquids, Membrane Degassers provide a versatile, compact, in-line solution that delivers rapid deoxygenation, decarbonation, and gasification of liquids to precise concentration levels. Applying this advanced membrane-based science in your production processes can help increase operating efficiency and reduce guesswork while maintaining or improving product quality, consistency and stability. Membrane Degassers can replace traditional vacuum towers, decarbonators and chemical injection while lowering capital and operational costs as well as footprint.

QFT carries multiple leading manufacturers of filters specifically designed for the Industrial Markets. We can help determine proper multi stage (if necessary) filtration selection for your application. Our industry experience enables us to provide you with optimum filtration solutions for your particular process. We have experience in all key Industrial areas:

  • Chemical
  • Power
  • Machinery & Equip.
  • Electronics

If required, QFT can design and fabricate a turn key degas or filtration system that best suits your application’s requirements.

QFT Industrial Filtration

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