Ink Jet Applications

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Inkjet printing, ink filling, and coatings are just some of the applications where degassing or debubbling may help reduce yield loss and other production process interruptions. Bubbles and dissolved gas may lead to surface defects and could halt or slow production. Membrane Degassers offer a simple, in-line solution by helping to keep printers and production lines running at optimal quality and speeds.

Inkjet printers require their inks to be degassed to help prevent nozzle misfires and poor drop formation that could lead to printer downtime, maintenance and poor print quality.

Membrane degassers are installed in filling steps to help prevent foaming during ink production. Membrane degassers can debubble coatings used on high quality papers to help alleviate defects. Microbubbles can negatively impact processes and quality in many other applications such as those using compatible monomers, photoresists, developers, photo emulsions and plating solutions. Membrane degassers help keep processes using compatible low surface tension fluids or solutions containing organics, surfactants, and certain solvents running smoothly.

QFT carries multiple leading manufacturers of filters specifically designed for the Ink Market. We can help determine proper multi stage (if necessary) filtration selection for your application. Our industry experience enables us to provide you with optimum filtration solutions for your particular application. We have filtration and degas experience in all key Ink Market areas:

  • Ink Manufacturing
  • Printer OEM
  • Print Head OEM
  • Ink Delivery System (IDS) OEM
  • Coatings

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